Text Handling, Digital Illustration

“The Drunk History of Fall Out Boy” is a viral video of Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, attempting to recite the history of Fall Out Boy while drunk. The video borrows from the premise of the “Drunk History” TV series. The video was filmed during Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock And Roll Tour in 2013 with Panic! At The Disco and twenty one pilots.


I decided to create a mini zine documenting the entire video through a series of my illustrations alongside a transcript of the video as an opportunity to show how my semi realistic illustration work can be used alongside live text. 

The final result of this project was a A5 sized booklet on silk paper so that the illustrations popped off the page.

I really enjoyed doing this project, I was initially apprehensive about doing this project as I haven't used this style of drawing in any of my other projects.

I made these drawings in Paint tool Sai and Photoshop, and then I laid out my text and images together in InDesign.